Singing Class with the world-renowned

Bulgarian folklore singer

Maria Bebelekova

Maria Bebelekova

The adult class is held every Sunday, from 12 pm till 1 pm; children's class starts at 1:15 pm till 2 pm

at the Bulgarian School "Khan Asparuh" in Sunnyvale, CA

Address: 1030 Astoria Drive Sunnyvale, CA 94087


 Maria Bebelekova, from the Bulgarian Rhodope town of Shiroka Luka, learned singing from her mother and grandmother. She studied at the Shiroka Luka Folk Music School and the Plovdiv Conservatory, then returned to her hometown, where she taught at the music school for 15 years. She sang with the Bulgarian women’s choir Angelite for three seasons, and has performed and recorded regularly with other ensembles. Maria currently performs with her husband Vassil Bebelekov, Dan Auvil, and Bill Cope in Trio Zulum. She lives in San Jose, CA.


The Adult class has a fee of $10 per session

The childrens class is free for all children attending the Bulgarian school.