The Spider



Bulgarian Drama! 
Price: $35 until Feb 10
$40 - from Feb11 to Feb 18 and at the door
There are limited number of tickets. Please buy yours as soon as possible.
time is 6pm - doors open. Play starts at 7pm
Wine and appetizers for sale
There are subtitles in English
The play is not suitable for children under 16


Българският културен център Рипни Калинке, със съдействието на Генералното Консулство на Република България в Лос Анджелис и BG Voice Chicago, представят:
Пенко Господинов и Анастасия Лютова в спектакъла "Паякът"
"Паякът“ е една от най-успешните български постановки, която покори световната сцена в Ню Йорк, Москва и Санкт Петербург. За първи път българско заглавие се появява в програмата на най-големия театрален артистичен форум в Северна Америка. Постановката става част от 17-тия международен театрален фестивал „Fringe“, а отзивите от издания като „Ню Йорк Таймс“ са повече от чудесни. Това е втората успешна поява в международен форум за „Паякът“, след като през 2011 г. бе посрещнат с овации в Санкт Петербург.

Пиесата "Паякът" е написана и режисирана от Йордан Славейков и Димитър Касабов. Има номинация А’Аскеер 2011 за съвременна българска драматургия. Номинация за “Полет в изкуството” 2012 от Фондация Стоян Камбарев. Награди за ней-добър театрален експеримент и за най-добра актриса на Анастасия Лютова от фестивал Артокраина Санкт Петербург 2013. Награда за най-добър театрален дует от театрален фестивал Славянский венец - Москва 2013. Първа българска пиеса поканена за участие в Ню Йорк Фриндж фестивал с отлична рецензия в New York Times и Village voice. Над 50 представления на българска сцена.

В пиесата участват Пенко Господинов и Анастасия Лютова. Той актьор на щат в "Театър зад канала" и преподавател в театралната академия НАТФИЗ Кръстьо Сарафов, тя Носителка на двете най-големи отличия за най-добра актриса Икар и А'Аскеер.

***Пиесата е със субтитри на английски.
Представлението НЕ се препоръчва за деца под 16години. 
There are subtitles in English
The play is not suitable for children under 16.

Спектакълът е първият общ проект на двамата режисьори Йордан Славейков и Димитър Касабов. Димитър Касабов е единственият практикуващ студент от класа на проф. Леон Даниел, а Йордан Славейков е ученик на великия проф. Киркор Азарян. 
Освен със режисьорската дейност, Димитър Касабов е и актьор, участвал в телевизионни сериали и реклами. През 2014 става любимец на зрителите във реалити формата Сървайвър Камбоджа. През 2015 Йордан Славейков има премиера на своя роман "Първи стъпки". В момента двамата завършват текста на втората им обща пиеса - "Двама", която съвсем скоро ще бъде видяна на софийска сцена. 
И двамата преподават актьорско майсторство в младежката организация за независимо театрално и филмово изкуство МОНТФИЗ.

Отзиви за пиесата "Паякът" :

"New York Times" : "The Spider" By Scott Heller:

"The village voice" : Plays like "The Spider" are the reason one goes to the theater. 



Nina Kardajikova Bulgarian Dance Workshop February 2!

kavardjikova n 02

Ripni Kalinke will feature choreographer Nina Kavardjikova for a workshop on Thursday Feb. 2. Nina started dancing when she was 7 and rose to become a soloist with the Bulgarian Trakia State Folklore Ensemble. She graduated with honors from the Folklore Academy in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and became one of the most popular choreographers and is very much in demand as a dance teacher. 

Folklore has been the focus of her research over the years with an emphasis on Bulgarian dance and music, traditions and rituals. This promises to be another incredible evening with Ripni Kalinke. 

Included in your complete February payment of $20 or pay a drop in fee for this event: $15 adults, $10 full time students, under 16 free.

Saint Francis Church
1205 Pine Ave, Willow Glen – San Jose
Phone:408 398-8309


Easter with Ripni Kalinke Looks like RAIN we will be at the Clubhouse of the Red Oak Townhomes, 240 Red Oak Dr. W, Sunnyvale.

2 minutes away from the Park! 

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We will gather together for Easter again! This year we expect guests from near and far! Make your cakes, there will be prizes! Bring Easter eggs, and we'll see who has the strongest and who has the most beautiful! Special prizes for the best lamb!

The children will hunt for a big egg with a special prize!

Kalinke and friends expect you all to join in the fun! Bulgarian music, songs and dances until we are too tired!

Bring what you need to eat and drink. If you have a comfortable folding chairs bring them. The park has basketball and volleyball courts, for lovers of football has a large lawn and playground.

Where: Ponderosa Park, area 2

12 PM April 16th

811 Henderson Ave, Sunnyvale


Ripni Kalinke invites you

to the first of its kind in the Bay Area "Carnival of Cultures" festival

at Baylands Park in Sunnyvale, CA

Saturday September 16 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.


Ripni Kalinke and others from the Bulgarian community in the Bay Area

will represent Bulgarian culture

with song and dance performances.

The event will showcase all the cultures represented in the Bay Area

through music, dance, food and merchandise.

The event is expected to attract thousands of attendees. 


We look forward to seeing you there!


Check for details at the event website,


Next Event

Mark your Calendars! Ripni Kalinke's 7th Birthday will be celebrated on October 21,

with the renowned group, Kabile.

Details will follow. 


Celebration! Celebration! Celebration!

Ripni Kalinke 7th Birthday!

We are expecting all our friends and families to join us!

We will dance together accompanied by the KABILE's beautiful music! 

We will taste delicious Bulgarian food and wines!

We will enjoy the Bazaar filled with arts and crafts from Bulgarian artists!

We will have surprises for you! The program starts at 6:30pm! Do not be late!

Doors open at 5:30pm.

Birthday Cake for everybody!


Kabile have performed in the US, first in 2007 and this is their second US tour. They are a 5-member band consisting of Donka and Nikolay Kolevi, Dzhenko Andreev, Ivan Hadzhiev and Nikolay Doktorov. Donka is the lead vocalist. They are all professionally-trained life-long musicians with lots of teaching and performing experience.

Free Entry (donations cheerfully accepted)

Date: 10/21/2017

Time:  5:30pm - 10pm

Saint Francis Church

1205 Pine Avenue, Willow Glen – San Jose

We are looking for volunteers to help us. Please call 408 398 8309 for details.


Thursday December 1, 7-10 PM
Saint Francis Church
1205 Pine Ave, Willow Glen – San Jose
Phone:408 398-8309 

Elena Dimitrova is a professional choreographer and performer of Bulgarian folk dances from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She is in Folklore Ensemble Trakia since 1997. As a member, she performs in over 160 concerts annually in Bulgaria and abroad. For years, she mentored and taught many of the new dancers in the ensemble in addition to her duty as a professional performer. Elena choreographed, staged, and taught dances in National School of Choreography and Folklore and other school dance groups in Bulgaria.
In 2008, Elena earned her Master's degree in Folkloric Choreography and Stage Directing from the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv.
In 2009, Elena and her husband founded Folk Dance Studio “Puldin” in Plovdiv. For a very short time the place became a hot spot and a magnet for enthusiasts of authentic Bulgarian folklore dances and choreography. Currently, there are over 200 dance club members age 16 to 65. Every year the club participates in three folk festivals in Bulgaria and two in Europe.
In recognition for her talent, Elena was selected to teach at “Folklornitza” dance seminars in Tryavna 2012 and Koprivtchitza 2014.
In 2014 Elena Dimitrova came in US on educational and cultural exchange visit. She taught classes to dance groups in Los Angeles and San Diego. In 2016 Elena is back to US on three weeks’ cultural exchange.

Included in your complete December payment of $20 or pay a drop in fee for this event: $15 adults, $10 full time students, under 16 free.


Ripni Kalinke's Birthday Party and with BULGARIKA
Saturday October 22, 6 PM

We have been dancing together for SIX YEARS
and it's time to celebrate!
Join us for this festive occasion, 
with live music, delicious Bulgarian food, wine, 
arts and crafts for sale.
BULGARIKA plays for your pleasure and Ripni Kalinke will dance!
Celebrate the years since a few Bulgarian enthusiasts formed a dance group to express their love of home and desire to be Bulgarian although far from home.
Celebrate the years of dancing together and the friendships we have created.
Celebrate with dance, music, food, wine and old friends. 

Free Entry (donations cheerfully accepted)
Birthday Cake for everybody!

BULGARIAN FOODWINE, desserts, fruits will be available for sale. 
Don't miss the BAZAAR where local artists from the Bay area and as far away as Bulgaria will participate with handmade crafts decorated with Bulgarian motives!
It is your opportunity to buy hand painted pictures, tapestries, folk costumes and many more items at the bazaar.

It's time to see your friends and enjoy being together.
Saint Francis Church

1205 Pine Ave, Willow Glen – San Jose
Phone: 408 398-8309 
Bulgarian Wedding Costumes
are featured at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles. Ending soon!


Sunday Sept. 11 from 1 to 2 PM a special presentation with curator Kate Eilertsen is included with regular admission.
Through October 2, 2016
The San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles provides a richly illustrated exhibition featuring over 50 wedding dress examples from cultures around the world, spanning the last 100 years. It will also include examples of today’s diverse wedding couture.

The exhibition is guest curated by Kate Eilertsen who says: “Whether it is a traditional kimono, red sari or satin Flapper era dress, the wedding dress reveals much about the traditions and history of communities around the world.” 


520 South First Street, San Jose, CA 95113




General: $8.00

Seniors & Students with ID: $6.50

Members and Children (12 and under): Free

First Fridays
(First Friday of every month, except January and July)
Pay what you can from 11am–4pm 
and FREE from 6pm–9pm




Thursday October 6, 7-10 PM

Saint Francis Church

1205 Pine Ave, Willow Glen – San Jose


Phone:408 398-8309 


Iliana Hristova Bozhanova was born in Galabovo, in the Stara Zagora area, Bulgaria. She grew up in a family of musicians and singers in South Thrace. She obtained a masters degree "Bulgarian Folk Dances and Choreography" at the renown Academy of Music and Dance in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She is a dancer, singer and choreographer, and serves as coordinator for the Bulgarian Folk Music and Dance Seminar that is held in Plovdiv each summer. She has brought many popular folk dances, such as Elerinka, to America and has a created a large number recordings of Folklore music both with Todor Yankov and with other musicians.

Todor Yankov is from the Rhodope region of Bulgaria. He grew up in a musical family and plays accordion, gaida and kaval and sings.He has been the accordionist for numerous dance ensembles and often works with Illiana.

Included in your complete October payment of $20 or pay a drop in fee for this event: $15 adults, $10 full time students, under 16 free.


Join us every Thursday from 7:30-10 PM 
St. Francis Church,
1205 Pine Avenue, Willow Glen, San Jose
$20 per month, or $5 drop-in. 
We offer instruction, open dancing and socializing primarily in Bulgarian. 

If you don't have tickets yet,

tickets will be available at the door from 5 PM on Monday, May 30th. 

Valya Balkanska pix

Bulgarian Cultural Center "Ripni Kalinke"


Valya Balkanska


Petar Yanev

Monday, May 30, 2016

at the Croatian Cultural Center
60 Onondaga Ave, San Francisco, CA 94112

Welcomes all of you, here on Earth and in the center of the Silicon Valley, to enjoy Valya Balkanska's COSMIC VOICE,
sent 39 years ago with NASA's Voyager 1 as part of the golden record.

DO NOT MISS TO EXPERIENCE dancing Bulgarian horo accompanied by
THE MAGIC of the unearthly music and sounds of the Rhodopa Mountains performed by the two of the most renowned Bulgarian duo, Valya Balkanska and the bagpipe player Petar Yanev.


Information about the performers

Voyager's vessels carry copies of the "Voyager Golden Record," a sort of message in a bottle intended for potential alien civilizations. The record includes prominent Bulgarian folk song "Izlel e Delyo Haidutin" performed by Valia Balkanska, among other famous music, such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Stravinsky, and others.

Balkanska became an awardee of the Golden Phenomenon prize for helping the popularization of Bulgarian folk music and culture and for the same reason she was the first Bulgarian to be honored by UNESCO as a "citizen of the planet". According to Time Magazine she is one of the people symbolizing the future of Europe, stating that apart from being "a legend in her own country, Valya Balkanska is very much a legend in space, too". Since December 2005, she has her own star plate on the Bulgarian Walk of Fame. In 2005, Balkanska was also one of the nominees for the St. Paisiy Hilendarski national award for notable artists and performers. In May 2009, the Bulgarian Association of Regional Media chose her as The Most Exceptional Bulgarian Woman.

The gaida player Petar Yanev - an emblematic figure from Rhodope mountains region. Petar Yanev graduated the National Folklore Art School in Shiroka Laka. There is inexplicable harmony between Valia and Petar and only those who have heard the magic of the instrument in the Master’s hands can understand the charm of Rhodope songs, something words cannot explain. Petar Yanev is a member of the Gaida Contest Committee in Gela village. His two sons Hristo (20) and Stoyan (17) also participate in gaida contests. He has worked with Valya Balkanska for 18 years.


 Doors open at 6:00 pm, show starts at 7:30 pm. 

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm Dinner and warm up dancing to live or recorded music. 

7:30 pm- 10 PM concert, music and dancing with Nestinari, and Valya Balkanska and Petar Yanev

10 pm and on:  Dancing to local musicians and/or recordings.

Dinner (Bulgarian traditional menu), Bulgarian wine, desserts, soft drinks and alcohol will be available to purchase at the event.


After 5:00 pm, tickets will be available at the door.     

Tickets purchased until May 12 - $30 (Students & Seniors - $25)

Tickets purchased between May 12 and May 29 - $35 (Students & Seniors - $25)
Tickets at the door at the day of the event - $40 (Students & Seniors - $25)

Children 12-18 years old - $15 (Children under 12 free)


 For questions or more information: 408-398-8309, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.








Presenting Bulgarian Authentic and Unique Folklore Dances


May 19, 2016

7pm -10pm

1205 Pine Ave, San Jose, CA 95125, United States

Adults $10

Full-time Students $5

Gergana is a graduate of the Academy of Music and Arts in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and danced as a professional Solo Dancer at the National Ensemble for Folk Songs and Dances “Philip Koutev” in Sofia.

She completed her Doctorate at the Dortmund University and Humboldt University of Berlin in the areas of Cultural Philosophy, Anthropology and Communications.

She shared her extensive research and knowledge in Bulgarian folklore and culture at many seminars and workshops around the world.

Gergana, is a joy to learn from, charming, and humorous. The music she has selected is full of life and passion, joy and energy. The dances she shows are authentic and always beautiful. She will give you a deeper understanding of the origins, connections and the purpose of the dance.

Do Not Miss one night of fun and dancing with Gergana and the friends of Ripni Kalinke!



Hello Kalinke and Friends, 

Welcome back to the park in Sunnyvale to celebrate Easter with delicious cakes, colored eggs, lots of music and people.

As always there will be surprises and there will be prizes!
Prize for the most delicious cake!
Award for the most beautiful Easter egg!
Award for the strongest Easter Egg!
Prize for the most delicious cooked lamb!
Prize for each child who participates in the opening of the largest egg!
Roll up your sleeves, knead, paint, cook ...

Bring a picnic for the whole family. If you have  comfortable folding chairs bring them.
The park has basketball and volleyball courts, for lovers of football has a large lawn and playground.

When: May 1, 2016, Sunday - 12pm
Where: Ponderosa Park, area 3
811 Henderson Ave